Relieve Procedure Pain & Anxiety with Pro-Nox™

Pro-Nox™: Allows patients to respond to their discomfort and anxiety when they need it! 

Pro-Nox™ is a pneumatically driven gas system designed to deliver a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture to adult and pediatric patients for the relief of pain and anxiety in a medical setting.

This innovative tool is a patient-controlled inhaled analgesia for easy in-office use that takes effect in just a few breaths, offering immediate relief.

Pro-Nox™ is trusted by over 3,000 offices in the United States to help ease pain and anxiety for any treatment and transforms their offices into A Pro-Nox™ Comfort Zone. Practitioners now have the ability to offer Pro-Nox™ with almost any procedure and allows them to transform the way they treat patients!

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What is Pro-Nox™?

Benefits of Pro-Nox™

  • Self administered with a demand value for patient control while reducing infection risk. 
  • No need for opioids or numbing cream 
  • Quick effect and recovery so the patient can drive themselves home  
  • It’s Analgesia not Anesthesia!
  •  Visual and audio safety alarms
  • Support from the experienced CAREstream team to keep you, your staff and your patients safe!

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Doctor's Love Pro-Nox™

“I couldn't imagine not having Pro-Nox™ in our practice. I tell everyone... It just takes the edge off"

- Dr. Jason Pozner

"One of the most important things you can do in your aesthetic practice is to manage pain, Pro-Nox™ is my differentiator"  

-Dr. Stephen Mulholland

"Now, more than ever, we need to make our patients feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. I have been so impressed with how Pro-Nox has helped us manage all of this."

- Dr. Doris Day

Why Pro-Nox™?

Is Pro-Nox™ Easy To Use?

Our team has worked to design a system that addresses all the needs of your office staff AND the patient! Super Simple and Easy to Use, there is no need to read cumbersome regulators or understand PSI conversion charts to guess when you need to change tanks. With the Pro-Nox™ Nitrous Oxide Delivery System, you have audible and visual alarms that warn you when either gas is running low. We offer superior infection control with our internal on-demand valve. No attached parts that need to be wiped down that have a chance to break down or get lost. All important working parts are located inside the small, state of the art mixer. 

Where Can I Turn To Learn More?

The CAREstream team is here to support you through continuous learning on our many webinars, training sessions and more! In addition to the outstanding support personnel, we can provide you with Articles, Studies, References and so much more. We are here to help you through the process of adding Nitrous to your pain management toolbox.

Who is Using Pro-Nox™?

The 50/50 mix of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen has been used around the world in labor and delivery for decades. Come join the growing number of private practices and clinics around the world that offer the Pro-Nox™ Nitrous Oxide Delivery System to help ease pain and anxiety.  

How Do Patients Feel About Pro-Nox™?

Patients love Pro-Nox because they control when to use the system and can maintain the relief they need. Pro-Nox is also on a fully portable cart, allowing the staff to move very easily between all treatment rooms.

Is Pro-Nox™ just for cosmetic and aesthetic treatments?

Absolutely not! Pro-Nox™ is widely used in many other medical industries as well. It has been used prevalently during labor and delivery to help ease pain and anxiety, as well as for Urological and ENT cases.

Start Relieving Your Patients of Discomfort and Anxiety With PRO-NOX™


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